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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • I want to use my Drone to take pictures, is this allowed?

    The Balloonfest is a Drone Free zone. No drones are allowed to fly by the public during the entire event.

  • May I bring my pet to the Balloonfest?

    To keep everyone safe, we ask everyone to leave their pets safe at home. Service animals are welcome at the balloonfest.

  • I want to use my Drone to take pictures, is this allowed?

    The Balloonfest is a Drone Free zone. No drones are allowed to fly by the public during the entire event.

  • May I bring my pet to the Balloonfest?

    To keep all attendees safe and comfortable, pets are not permitted at the Flag City BalloonFest. Service animals are welcome.

  • How long has there been a Flag City Balloonfest?

    The Flag City Balloonfest was started in 1999.

  • How can I get involved in the balloonfest?

    There are many opportunities to become involved. There are committees which work 12 months to oversee and put on the balloonfest. There are many volunteer opportunities for the weekend. Balloon Crew, Parking, trash removal, vip tent, info tent, classic car show and many others. Simply send an email to and let us know how you might be interested in helping.

  • When will the final schedule of events be known?

    The schedule for the year will be posted on line by early July, however it is always subject to change. As conflicts and opportunities arise the schedule of events may change and will be updated on line. Weather will also impact the event schedule, last minute weather updates generally will not be made on line.

  • Can our group set up a display for the weekend?

    The Balloon Fest is always looking for activities to draw more people to our event. The Corn Hole Tournament, Bed Races, and 5K are examples of outside groups participating in the Balloon Fest. We generally do not allow outside groups to simply set up a display to take advantage of the people that all already there, we ask that you bring something special to help attract more attention.

  • Are there Balloon Rides available?

    Yes! Both teathered and regular rides. Tethered are offered at the balloonfest and is first come first served. If you wish to purchase an actual ride, contact or simply use the balloons link above and choose rides.

  • How do I sponsor a Balloon, or any of the other events at the Flag City Balloonfest?

    You may contact us through the website, or contact any committee member, or contact our Sponsor Chairman directly at to discuss sponsorship opportunities

  • How does my sponsorship of the Flag City Balloonfest benefit the community?

    Your sponsorship of the Flag City Balloonfest helps to pay the costs for the event, and helps to keep it a FREE event for all who wish to attend. Each year as the event grows bigger it is important to seek more and larger sponsors to support the festival. The Flag City Balloonfest is Findlay’s Signature event, and it is the largest and most anticipated community event each year. The community, businesses, and local charities benefit immensely from this event. While your sponsorship dollars do not directly benefit charities, sponsor support allows the Flag City Balloonfest to allow charities to run fundraisers during the event. In addition the event promotes community pride and spirit, draws attendance from outside the community, and contributes to the image of “Findlay as a Destination”. Most of the local hospitality establishments see enormous increased business because of this influx.

  • How does my sponsorship of the Flag City Balloonfest benefit my business?

    Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! And FUN! All of our media partners, including print, radio, TV and cable donate massive amounts of advertising for the event and our sponsors. It is well documented that our sponsors receive far more promotion and advertising value than their investment.

  • How much does it cost to be a sponsor of the Flag City Balloonfest?

    The Flag City Balloonfest offers sponsorship opportunities from as little as $250 to well over $25,000. In-kind sponsorships of goods or services are also available. Contact us to see which sponsorship levels are still available. We can also custom tailor a sponsor package to suit your needs.

  • When will the balloons be flying?

    Hot air balloons generally fly during the morning and early evening. Balloon operations rely on air currents for speed and direction and require stable (calm to 7 knots in a predictable direction) to maintain safe operations.

  • Why are balloon flights canceled when it appears to be a nice day?

    The flight coordinator has to make a decision on whether to fly based on the information he has at the time. Even though the weather looks nice if the ground is wet, the winds are too fast, or weather patterns are unstable, he has the responsibility to keep all pilots and spectators safe and may cancel a flight.

  • What are hot air balloons made from?

    The fabric part of the balloon, called the envelope, is constructed of coated rip-stop nylon, similar to the material that parachutes are made from. The basket is constructed of primarily of wicker. Wicker is light, strong, and resilient to incidental damage.

  • How tall is a hot air balloon?

    Standard shape balloons are approximately 85 feet tall and 65 feet wide.

  • What is a balloon tether?

    A tether is when the balloon does not fly freely, but is tied to the ground with a number of 100 to 150-foot ropes. While being tied off, the balloon can take passengers up into the air without flying away from the designated spot.

  • What is a balloon glow?

    Heating the air inside the balloon with propane-fueled fire causes the balloon to glow brightly. During a daytime flight, this effect is usually not seen, but during evening glows, the effect is stunning..

  • Are pets allowed at the Balloonfest?

    Only service animals are welcomed at the event. All other pets are not allowed on the grounds during the event.

  • How much does it cost to attend and park at the Balloonfest?

    Thanks to our GREAT sponsors there is NO cost to park at the balloonfest.