First Federal Bank of the Midwest
Ohio Propane Gas Association
Suburban Propane
Time Warner Cable
Heavenly Pizza
Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative
The Courier
Whirlpool Corporation Findlay Operations
Ohio Logistics
Speedway LLC
Two Oak Ltd.
Marbee Printing
The United Soybean Board
C & S Radiator
Blanchard Valley Health System
McLane Ohio
Re/Max Realty
American Electric Power
Angela Bateson DDS General Dentistry
Cavins Kitchen Village
Impact Credit Union
Kahle & Associates CPAs LLC
RCM Architects
Whitman Title Security
Encompass Engineers and Architects
Gene Stevens Honda
Hancock County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hermiller Construction
Hilton Garden Inn
Legacy Farmers Cooperative LLC
Ohio SP Inc. dba Subway
LaRiche Family of Dealerships
United Way of Hancock County
Findlay Village Mall
Gibson Concrete Concrete Construction Inc.
Best Breed Pet Foods
A Renewed Mind
TH Plastics
TJD Industrial Services
Garlock Brothers Construction Inc.
Logikos Technologies
Texas Roadhouse
Miller Rigging
Renhill Group
Ohio Propane Gas Association

2016 Flag City BalloonFest Balloons

Checkard Passed

Checkard Passed photo
Pilot: Scott Strouse
Midland, MI
Balloon Number: 1
Sponsor: Meijer


Scrumtrulescent photo
Pilot: Steve Mitchell
Streetsboro, OH
Balloon Number: 2
Sponsor: Frickers

Sunny and 75

Sunny and 75 photo
Pilot: Mathew Haase
Traverse City, MI
Balloon Number: 3
Sponsor: Hilton Garden Inn

Dream Racer

Dream Racer photo
Pilot: Chris Smart
Huntington, IN
Balloon Number: 4
Sponsor: Heavenly Pizza

Fast & Serious

Fast & Serious photo
Pilot: Shawn Raya
Oxford, MI
Balloon Number: 5
Sponsor: Encompass Engineers and Architects


Jimbalaya photo
Pilot: Jim Birk
McAllen, TX
Balloon Number: 6
Sponsor: Suburban Propane

Perfect Calm

Perfect Calm photo
Pilot: Dennis Hall
Howell, MI
Balloon Number: 7
Sponsor: United Way of Hancock County


Unknown photo
Pilot: Charlie Mays
Ryland Heights, KY
Balloon Number: 8
Sponsor: Kroger

Special Purpose

Special Purpose photo
Pilot: Jeff Pestun
Zeeland, MI
Balloon Number: 9
Sponsors: Miller Rigging, Texas Roadhouse

BA 2

BA 2 photo
Pilot: Steve King
Midland, MI
Balloon Number: 10
Sponsor: The Courier


Compromise photo
Pilot: Alan Warren
Waterford, MI
Balloon Number: 11
Sponsor: TJD Industrial Services


Jabberwocky photo
Pilot: Andrew Barnum
Toledo, OH
Balloon Number: 12
Sponsor: Garlock Brothers Construction Inc.

For Sale

For Sale photo
Pilot: Scott McClinton
Louisville, KY
Balloon Number: 13
Sponsor: LaRiche Family of Dealerships


Updraft photo
Pilot: Michael Emich
Akron, OH
Balloon Number: 14
Sponsor: C & S Radiator

Night Fury

Night Fury photo
Pilot: Eric Eaton
Balloon Number: 15
Sponsor: Great Scot


Superfluos photo
Pilot: Larry Coan
Livonia, MI
Balloon Number: 16
Sponsor: Cavins Kitchen Village


Charlie photo
Pilot: Matthew McClinton
Louisville, KY
Balloon Number: 17
Sponsor: Ohio SP Inc. dba Subway


Maybe photo
Pilot: Dan Steeley
Beavercreek, OH
Balloon Number: 18
Sponsor: Gibson Concrete Concrete Construction Inc.

A. B. O.

A. B. O. photo
Pilot: Nick Donner
Louisville, KY
Balloon Number: 19
Sponsor: Ohio Propane Gas Association

Freedom Flyer

Freedom Flyer photo
Pilot: Mark Fritze
Balloon Number: 20
Sponsor: Best Breed Pet Foods


Columbia photo
Pilot: Jeff Conley
Upper Sandusky, OH
Balloon Number: 21
Sponsor: Whitman Title Security


Neil photo
Pilot: Sean Dennis
Grand Blanc, MI
Balloon Number: 22
Sponsor: RCM Architects


Maveryx photo
Pilot: Steven Sitko
Jackson, MI
Balloon Number: 23
Sponsor: Findlay Village Mall


Phoenix photo
Pilot: Jody Leatherberry
Leslie, MI
Balloon Number: 24
Sponsor: Sunbelt

Fast Track

Fast Track photo
Pilot: Matt Niemi
Carson City, MI
Balloon Number: 25
Sponsor: Hermiller Construction

Ralphie 2

Ralphie 2 photo
Pilot: Ken Myer
Fowlerville, MI
Balloon Number: 26
Sponsor: Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative

Even Higher

Even Higher photo
Pilot: Deven Cook Sr.
Battle Creek, MI
Balloon Number: 27
Sponsor: Legacy Farmers Cooperative LLC

Gods Promise

Gods Promise photo
Pilot: Bill Sterner
Oxford, MI
Balloon Number: 28
Sponsor: A Renewed Mind


IMTS photo
Pilot: Pat Fogue
Columbia, MO
Balloon Number: 29
Sponsor: IMTS


F.O.R.E. photo
Pilot: Weston Dickerson
Milford, MI
Balloon Number: 30
Sponsor: AMRI

Legal Eagle

Legal Eagle photo
Pilot: Ted Watts
Meadville, PA
Balloon Number: 31
Sponsor: C & S Radiator

Magic Carpet II

Magic Carpet II photo
Pilot: Dennis Helmuth
Wooster, OH
Balloon Number: 32
Sponsor: Gene Stevens Honda


Tumbleweed photo
Pilot: Jeffrey Barlett
Mentor, OH
Balloon Number: 33
Sponsor: American Electric Power


PADA photo
Pilot: Shannon Rote
Doylestown, OH
Balloon Number: 34
Sponsor: Kahle & Associates CPAs LLC

Moonlight Sun-ata

Moonlight Sun-ata photo
Pilot: Janet Lutkus
Medina, OH
Balloon Number: 35
Sponsor: Angela Bateson DDS General Dentistry


Wander photo
Pilot: Larry Lankenav
Fort Wayne, IN
Balloon Number: 36
Sponsor: Impact Credit Union


Re/Max photo
Pilot: Jim Cusick
Marysville, OH
Balloon Number: 37
Sponsor: Re/Max Realty

Blue Magic

Blue Magic photo
Pilot: Tom Eismin
W. Lafeyette, IN
Balloon Number: 38
Sponsor: Time Warner Cable

Balloon Balloon

Balloon Balloon photo
Pilot: Zach Burgess
Monroe, OH
Balloon Number: 39
Sponsor: TH Plastics


Procrastination photo
Pilot: Scot King
Midland, MI
Balloon Number: 40
Sponsor: Marbee Printing


Independence photo
Pilot: Phil Clinger
Battle Creek, MI
Balloon Number: 41
Sponsor: Hancock County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Peg Leg Pete

Peg Leg Pete photo
Pilot: Dave & Kathy Reineke
Mahomet, IL
Balloon Number: 42
Sponsor: Whirlpool Corporation Findlay Operations

Oggy Friendly Dragon

Oggy Friendly Dragon photo
Pilot: Jack Semler
Westfield, In
Balloon Number: 43
Sponsor: Two Oak Ltd.

Lady Blye

Lady Blye photo
Pilot: Laurie Givins
Lebanon, Oh
Balloon Number: 44
Sponsors: Ohio Logistics, Speedway LLC


Tiny photo
Pilot: Brian Trapp
Lebanon, Oh
Balloon Number: 45
Sponsor: Flag City Balloonfest


Gordo photo
Pilot: Liz Magee
Columbia, MO
Balloon Number: 46
Sponsors: Blanchard Valley Health System, McLane Ohio